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Dear Couple,


Congratulations on your final steps towards the decision to be united in Holy matrimony.  We're certain this is an extremely exciting time for the two of you, as well as, your families.  The Ministry of Marriage is a beautiful institution instituted by God.  Marriage isn't something that you just do because it's the next practical thing in a relationship, but it is a union ordained by God, and shouldn't be entered into lightly nor unadvisedly. 

That said, you're on this page because you believe that God has called you to become husband and wife to one another. Exciting! Well, if you're willing to muster up the courage and explore that belief with us, we will take you Beyond the Engagement and Behind the Doors of Marriage in our robust Premarital Counseling program. 

At the completion of the program, we will know whether it's ordained by God. Mark 10:9 says “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”

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Pastor Che & Mrs. Ana Gibson
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